Green way Trading Co. is established in 2008 with the vision of building “A Bridge between the Eastern and the Western businesses of Asia”.
With this concept in mind, the founders carefully studied the economic and cultural boundaries of both regions, their current and future trade and business potentials and came to the belief that such the goal will only be achieved through an active local presence that employs both professional negotiation techniques and the cutting-edge technology of communication.

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Green Way Trading CO. with a novel vision and approach to new markets in international business domain attempts to establish a new connection between Middle East countries and ASEAN members aiming at international trade expansion as well as realization and advancement of local producers’ commercial plan and helping them to reach the global business and trade society. This company identifies top and well-known exhibitions and provides excellent offers and services to traders and pave their path to the international exhibitions, seminars, conclaves.

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Now, our highly respected clients can expect from our experienced staff to be able to:
1. Facilitate and provide quality and professional service to the Malaysian businesses wishing to participate in trade fairs in the Middle East. 
2. Facilitate and provide quality and professional service to the Iranian businesses wishing to take part in trade fairs in the countries of the ASEAN region. 
3. Assist companies of the ASEAN members to initiate presence in the Middle Eastern markets promoting their products. 
4. Identify and introduce mutual opportunities in the areas of trade, tourism and investment
5. Cooperate with governmental and private parties facilitating business between two sides of region.